Board Orientation and Training

SC Charter Law requires all charter school governing board members to attend board orientation within a year of being elected or appointed. This basic training is provided for free by the S.C. Department of Education through the Office of School Transformation. This training meets the minimum requirements of the state mandates. You can familiarize yourself with the SC Charter Law here.

Board Election Services

The Alliance provides support services and technical assistance to members for their elections at reasonable rates. The Alliance takes care of everything from collecting applications to sending out e-ballots and tallying the results. Follow this link for further information.

Ready to kick your board training up a notch?

PERSONALIZED SESSIONS: We offer board orientation and advanced personalized training for each school's needs. 

The Alliance offers Advanced Board Training which will work off the base you receive with online training and personalize an in-depth training session for your board.  We can customize the training to include components of the orientation requirements along with your board's priorities. Our staff will work with your board to set up some pre-work to assess particular needs, create an action plan which aligns with your mission, and deliver an Advanced Board Training session at your school. Please contact us for more details.

Board Resources

The Alliance is committed to providing South Carolina's governing boards with critical information and supports to ensure academic excellence and long-term sustainability.

Check out the following resources: