Q: Can a public charter school charge an application fee?

A: No. Public charter schools cannot charge an application fee prior to the lottery.  Mandating an application fee has the potential to exclude certain families, thus setting barriers for acceptance/enrollment.

Q: Can a public charter school not enroll or remove a child if their parent/guardian is unwilling or unable to pay a fee?

A: Schools may charge a reasonable classroom resource fee or an activity fee similar to the local district, but cannot deny enrollment to students whose parents or guardians can not pay or are unwilling to pay. Students who qualify for free lunch cannot be required to pay fees and students who qualify for reduced lunch may pay reduced fees. 

From the Charter Act:

(d) may not charge tuition or other charges pursuant to Section 59-19-90(8) except as may be allowed by the sponsor and is comparable to the charges of the local school district in which the charter school is located; http://www.scstatehouse.gov/getfile.php?TYPE=CODEOFLAWS&TITLE=59&CHAPTER=40


(8) Charge matriculation and incidental fees. Charge and collect matriculation and incidental fees from students; however, regulations or policies adopted by the board regarding charges and collections must take into account the students; ability to pay and must hold the fee to a minimum reasonable amount. Fees may not be charged to students eligible for free lunches and must be reduced pro-rata for students eligible for reduced-price lunches; http://www.scstatehouse.gov/getfile.php?TYPE=CODEOFLAWS&TITLE=59&CHAPTER=19

Q: What are the immunization requirements?

A: DHEC Immunization Requirements