Join the Public Charter School Alliance With Your School Membership

Be part of an organization that works to advance the mission of your public charter school.

       PCSASC would like to Thank YOU for  your dedication to education through charter schools within our state. Your membership provides your school with a network of professionals to assist in strengthening public education with resources and support.
     On average, 92% of charter schools in South Carolina become members of PCSASC. This high membership rate strengthens PCSASC’s advocacy work in the General Assembly. With you, our voice will be louder, our power will be greater, and our children will get the quality education they deserve.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Local, state and federal advocacy
  • Special discounts on professional development opportunities and our annual conference
  • Access to a library of current resources for your administration, staff, and board
  • Unlimited job postings on our job board
  • Help and technical assistance from PCSASC staff and fellow members
  • Group purchasing benefits and discounts
  • Access to required training for your school through Scenario, such as Blood Borne Pathogens and Compliance Issues
  • Collaboration and grant opportunities for schools
  • Marketing and communications support
  • We have increased our capacity to provide additional workshops and trainings for charter leaders and teachers.
  • Guidance, support and technical assistance for new school developing groups, and members wishing to replicate or expand their current school.

School Membership Dues:

School membership dues are based on .1% (one tenth of one percent) of the per pupil funding for each school. The calculations are based on the 45-day count reported to the South Carolina Department of Education from the previous school year.

Planning Year Membership Dues:


Pre-Charter Membership:



The Mission of the Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina (PCSASC) is to advance innovation and excellence in South Carolina's public education through the development and support of public charter schools.